Sephora Palette

by - terça-feira, maio 25, 2010


To do the smokey eyes that i said in the last post you need this palette.
Is by Sephora and I bougth that a few days ago :)

The price is 39,90 € but I have a card that gives me 20% of discount I buy this for 31,92 €

Well, my first impression about this pallete is that the eyes shadows are very pigmented.

I like this pallete because you can leave the eyes shadows in your purse, due to having a small box where you can put the shadows

I will do some tutorials with those probabilly :)

What do you thing about this?

xoxo Clau*

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  1. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  2. Hi Clau's! I liked it! Although I think it was a little bit expensive (OK. Considering the brand maybe it wasn´t so expensive at all) I also think that it has some nice colours . I hope you can show us some of them. I can't wait for the review's :D


  3. Hi Joana I know it can be a little expensive .
    But I searched serveral palettes from other companies and the price was higher.

    I will do the tutorial.

    Tks for your opinion

    Xoxo Clau**